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About us

In the summer of 2022 Chub Rub Founder, Candace Frank, envisioned a brand where playfulness, softness, and edginess collide. Like many fat kids-turned-fat-adults, Candace spent her life projecting a toughness designed to tell the world she simply couldn’t give a damn about what it thought, but in the face of loss she found a new kind of magic…

Chub Rub is a reclaimation of all the beautiful things about us that we’re told time and time again to hide. It’s a celebration of softness, of curves, of rolls. Chub Rub is here to help you revel in all the little secrets your bumps, wrinkles, and folds hold.

meet the designer

Candace is a clothing and costume designer, and fat liberation activist living in the Seattle area. When she’s not running Chub Rub Candace loves to design opera costumes, enjoy local kink events, or just spend a night at home with a joint and a drawing pad.

Contact us

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our other projects

Fat Con

A fat liberation conference in the Seattle area, featuring fat fashion, speakers, panels, classes, and more!

Fatlesque fest nw

We are so proud to support this event created by the one and only Mx.Pucks A’Plenty.

Crafters United

In 2020 we started Crafters Against Covid-19 and organized over 700 home sewers to create 125,000 cloth masks.