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The (Late) Summer Collection is COMING!

The (Late) Summer Collection is COMING!

This is the summer of being seen.  We’re done with hiding, being told we’re too much physically and emotionally, and shrinking into the background. It’s time to take up space to be loud and proud. The ‘23 Late Summer Collection is designed to celebrate those parts of you that you may have been taught to hide.  Rainbow, cow print, and peek-a-boos come together to help you look and feel like a baddie while you turn heads. 

Presale for this collection will start Sunday, July 16th at 4pm PT, and continue for a month, or until all spots are full. These are all custom designed and printed fabrics, so quantities are very limited. Make sure you’re ready to grab yours. 

The collection includes the following pieces:

  • Micro Hoodie (OG Black, Cow, Rainbow, Super Cow)
  • Vendetta Top (OG Black, Cow, Rainbow, Super Cow)
  • XXX High-Waisted Bottom (OG Black, Cow, Rainbow, Super Cow)
  • Chap Shorts (OG Black, Cow, Rainbow)
  • Junk Thong (OG Black, Cow, Rainbow)
  • Star Harness (OG Black, Rainbow)


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