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Welcome to the Softness Revolution

Welcome to the Softness Revolution

In the summer of 2022 I envisioned a brand where playfulness, softness, and edginess collide.  My previous brand, Bawdy Love, had closed, and while processing the grief of that loss I found a softer, and more playful side of myself.  Like many fat kids-turned-adults I had spent my life projecting a toughness designed to tell the world I simply couldn’t care less, but here was this vivid, childlike joy just waiting under the surface for when I needed it most.  I knew right away that I wanted to share this juicy magic with the world.

Today I am launching my very first solo brand and I am so excited to share my art with you. Chub Rub is soft, vibrant and now. The shop features illustrations and designs from yours truly, along with curated works of fellow fat artists and creators.

This is a space for self-love, self-celebration, and embracing everything that makes you the magical you.

Imagine a world where your fatness isn’t just tolerated, it’s celebrated. A world where the fat body can be a vivid expression full of laughter, playfulness, and joy. A world where fat bodies are completely accepted, even loved, in any situation.

Welcome to Chub Rub.

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